artist statement

My immediate surroundings and the natural world are what move me to paint.  And of all nature's facets, color is the driving force.  Whether creating a still life or figurative work in my studio or nature out in the wild, I work primarily from life.  Sometimes I feel like nature uses me as a conduit to capture its wonders on canvas and share them with the world.  No matter what the subject matter, this immediacy of approach is the common thread that ties my work together.

I find my joy interacting with the world to make art.  Working in oil paint in the tradition of generations of plein air painters, I see subjects in my own back your and places as diverse as the hills of Italy, a Greek island, or the Jersey shore.  From braving the elements to find just the right view, to interpreting and pushing nature's color and light with my paint, to laying down brushstrokes that demonstrate the intensity of my experience, each painting is an adventure.  I hope they bring my viewers  along for the ride.